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How can we help?

The principal organizer, Dr. Cecilia Chan has a dual background in engineering and education. Her combined expertise in these fields enabled her to engage in various research projects on topics such as outcome-based learning, assessment, technology enhanced learning and generic skills in engineering education. In addition, Dr. Chan, the expert group of engineering academics and her team of researchers have much experience and enthusiasms in collaborating with academics, researchers and practitioners in engineering education from different institutions around the world.

If you are planning to participate in engineering education pedagogy and research, our team may be able to help and we are in an excellent position to provide support in the following areas:

  1. Teaching and research
    • We can offer individual consultations on instructional design, practice, assessment and research in engineering education.
    • We can organize seminars/talks by experts in engineering education to share their experiences in the field.
    • We can also organize discussion forums to provide a platform for dialogues exchange and gather information among engineering education enthusiasts.
    • We will organize workshops to provide training on developing/implementing innovative approaches in engineering education.
  2. Grants application
    • We can provide personal advice on the preparation and writing of engineering education grants, such as the GRF, Teaching Development Grant and other related external grants.
  3. Research and Journal Publications
    • We support collaborations among academics in research and publications.
    • We can help introduce academics and researchers with a common interest in any particular engineering education research topic worldwide.
    • We will provide advice and information on a suitable journal for your engineering education publication.
  4. Networking
    • We plan to organize coffee hour once every two months to enhance communication and exchange of information among academic staff and researchers in engineering education.

So, please feel free to CONTACT US!