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Assessing Internship and Industrial Placement

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Assessing Internship and Industrial Placement", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).


What is a Report?

There are various types of report: practical, field-work, laboratory, technical etc. Generally, report is a systematic and well-organized document that defines and analyzes a subject or a problem. For example, engineering students are often required to write a progress or technical report as part of their internship/placement assessment.


Western University (2013) and National University of Singapore (n.d.) require students to submit an internship report as one of the assessment tasks for their internship programs. Generally, students are required to write eight to nine pages that covers:

  • The overview of the company;
  • Description of the student’s position(s) and role(s) – technical and non-technical work, training received and skills learned, special assignment(s), and etc.;
  • Major projects and distinctiveness of the internship/placement;
  • Applicability of internship/placement to the student’s degree and program;
  • Effects of internship/placement on the student’s employment/career goals;
  • Students’ overall thoughts of the internship/placement and the company.