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Assessing Internship and Industrial Placement

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Assessing Internship and Industrial Placement", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).


What is Logbook?

Logbook contains a record or proof of a student’s learning accomplishments, learning experience, and learning outcomes. Students can include their logbooks in their CV for future, job seeking purposes.


Example 1:  Industrial Attachment Programme at the National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (2013) requires engineering students to complete a student log sheet during their Industrial Attachment Programme. This log sheet must be updated weekly and must be attached to students’ final report at the end of internship. Basically, the log sheet records the number of week, work(s) performed by the student, and the supervisor’s/industrial’s signature and comments.

Example 2:  Internship at Texas State University

Texas State University (n.d.) requires students to keep a daily work log for their internship program. Students must provide details of their internship including:

  • Day and time of activities;
  • Goal(s) and objective(s);
  • Activities and duties performed;
  • Reactions and comments from their supervisor/industrial tutor.