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Technology-Enhanced learning in Engineering Education

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Technology-Enhanced learning in Engineering Education", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).

Challenges in developing eLearning materials in Engineering Education

The challenges (Gudimetla & Iyers, 2006) in implementing eLearning materials in engineering education include:

  1. Designing instructional materials in order to facilitate learning at all levels.
  2. Teaching technical subjects with the use of common eLearning tools.
  3. Designing instructional materials that cover both depth and breadth as engineering requires a lot of basic theories and knowledge.
  4. For many home-grown technology-enhanced tools, engineering teachers and students often focus too much on the technologies rather than the pedagogy and how the tools can enhance student learning.
  5. Lack of framework or policy that can deliver true dynamic "learning products"
  6. Teachers are not as digital as the students or vice versa.
  7. Teachers are discouraged by changes.
  8. Teachers might be reluctant to incorporate the use of eLearning in teaching because of the extra workload and preparation time needed for the creation of teaching materials.
  9. Implementing eLearning can be at first, time consuming.
  10. Studies have not shown that eLearning has proven to be a huge success in enhancing student learning.
  11. Students have the tendency to just read the "required" materials only. Supplementary materials are often ignored.


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