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Experiential Community Service Learning Projects

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Experiential Community Service Learning Projects", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).

Learning Outcomes of Experiential Community Service Learning Projects (taken from Chan, 2012)

  1. Ability to apply enduring life-long skills, such as planning communication and team building with a variety of age groups and types of people.
  2. Ability to apply prior academic knowledge and life experiences to service others in need.
  3. Develop skills on how to think out of the box and problem solve in real-life situations.
  4. Develop intercultural understanding & awareness of other cultures.
  5. Develop the capabilities of critical self-reflection and greater understanding of others, upholding personal & professional ethics.


  • Chan, C. K. Y. (2012). Assessment for community service types of experiential learning in the engineering discipline. European Journal of Engineering Education, 37(1), 29-38.