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Experiential Community Service Learning Projects

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Experiential Community Service Learning Projects", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).

Examples of Experiential Community Service Learning Projects


Name of Project



Department of Civil Engineering,

University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Mingde Projects

The first Ming De Project involved the building of a primary school (明德樓) in Xiali Village while the second involved the building of a student dormitory (格物樓) for the Rong Shui Vocational Training School. Civil Engineering students were engaged in every aspect from interviewing local villagers to understand their needs, to carrying out site surveys, drawing up building plans, working out construction details, securing approval from mainland authorities, preparing tender documents, managing budget spending, and monitoring construction progress.


(civil engineering students can take up a project voluntarily while fulfilling their credit requirements for summer training)

Department of Health Technology & Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Biomedical Engineering Services to Under-privileged People with Physical Disabilities

  • A group of 34 biomedical engineering students and staff members joined this pilot service-learning subject to help the needy children in Mainland China.
  • Students received basic training to provide orthotic services to children with physical disabilities. They were encouraged to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from their study or other learning experiences at the University to practical situations during the service trip.


Faculty of Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)

ENGG 2900 Community Service Project

This course aims to increase students' involvement in community services and provide them learning opportunities through the social services programs such as fund-raising events, greening the society and elderly services. Under the supervision of the School, students will gain experience from developing a plan, marketing through implementation of projects at a designated non-governmental organization (NGO).