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Experiential Community Service Learning Projects

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2015). "Experiential Community Service Learning Projects", Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia (E3R Asia).

Credit Bearing

Depending on the faculty and/or university offering the experiential community service learning programme, it could be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. For example, at HKU, the Faculty of Social Science launched the Migrant Outreach Education Initiative (MOEI) in 2008, as one of the projects which undergraduate students can opt to select in order to fulfill the graduation requirement. Students participating in this experiential community service learning project will provide intensive English language education for migrant children and adults in countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and China. On the other hand, the Faculty of Science at HKU offers a non-credit bearing Service learning internship (SCNC2988), which involves working with NGO or community service providers.